FBX Bellows Expansion Joint

  • Capable of axial, angular and lateral movements
  • Available in wide variety of end fittings
  • Perfect for systems with engineered anchoring and guiding

XPF/XPW Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint

  • Accommodates axial movement
  • Externally pressurized design eliminates squirm

FJX Bellows Pump Connector

  • Compact design for tight spaces
  • Ideal length for replacement of rubber connectors
  • Limit bolts provide control in demanding applications

FPV Expansion/Seismic "V" Loop

  • The "V" configuration allows adjacent piping to be nested to save space
  • Minimum pipe guiding required
  • Unique "V" design creates minimum thrust loads
  • Low profile design for installation in confined spaces

Flex/Flo Pipe Alignment Guides

  • Protects expansion joints from shearing and lateral offset forces