About Thermo Tech

Thermo Tech Inc. has operated reliably and continuously since we were founded in 1954. Our company started as a manufacturer's rep organization providing sales and service of hydronic heating and industrial equipment. Soon, we were involved in fabricating stainless steel flexible hoses and connectors for aerospace. We adapted those piping products to provide practical solutions to isolate vibration, expansion/contraction, misalignment and motion in HVACR, industrial piping, water treatment, steam, CO2 extraction, natural gas and power generation systems.

With our innovative process of bonding a proprietary, food grade silicone lining onto stainless steel, we are also able to produce sanitary, food grade flexible connectors and transfer hoses for the food processing, dairy, pharmaceutical and beverage industries across the country.

Use our skilled manufacturing, fabricating and distribution services, our technical support and our quality off-the-shelf and custom piping products, to make Thermo Tech Inc your partner in providing solutions for your flexible piping requirements.